The Bicycle Thief — a short story for English reading

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The Bicycle Thief — a short story for English reading

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The Bicycle Thief

a short story English lesson plan for reading and speaking.

Mabby leaves her bike unattended for two seconds but that is all it needs for a thief to take off with it.

She needs her bike to get to work, to do so many things.

How can she get through the day now?

This is a great short story lesson plan ideal for any English or ESL class.

It comes complete and ready to use in PDF format. Each exercise starts on a new page.

The lesson plan consists of:

  • some introductory questions
  • The Bicycle Thief - a short story of around 1000 words
  • a page of reading comprehension questions
  • a table of essential vocabulary and exercise
  • a page of discussion questions
  • a role play
  • a debate
  • a writing exercise

You can use this immediately for your class today. The story and exercises are engaging and designed to help your students speak out in class.

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I want this!

a 13-page complete lesson plan in PDF format

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