The Dentist - a short story for ESL

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The Dentist

A man goes to visit his dentist, Mr Crane. Mr Crane tells him of a new anaesthetic - one that relieves all pain.
But things are not exactly as they seem...

This is a very scary short story and lesson plan for your English or ESL class.

It comes complete and ready to use in PDF format. Each exercise starts on a new page.

The lesson plan consists of:

  • introduction questions
  • The Dentist - a 1000-word short story
  • essential vocabulary exercise
  • true or false - an exercise
  • discussion questions
  • a role play exercise
  • a survey exercise
  • quiz – Are You a Psychopath?
  • a writing exercise

You can use this immediately in your class today. The story and exercises are engaging and designed to help your students speak out in class.

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  • a 15-page complete lesson plan for ESL

  • Size
    311 KB
  • Length
    15 pages
  • a 15-page complete lesson plan for ESL
  • Size311 KB
  • Length15 pages
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The Dentist - a short story for ESL

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