The Oldest Profession in The World

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The Oldest Profession in The World

a Talking Points lesson for English reading, speaking, vocabulary and writing

This is part of the Talking Points 3 lesson series for Intermediate to Advanced students.

This lesson may not be suitable for younger students.

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world.

So why is it still regarded as immoral and taboo?

In this lesson plan, you can read an account of a woman who is a sex worker. The students can also discuss the sex work industry in the classroom and do other exercises to help them question what they think of sex workers and what they do.

Is is a valuable service to the community? Or one that should be shut down?

Your students will find this topic highly engaging and all the exercises will be great fun for them. It should definitely create much debate and talking time in your English or ESL class.

The lesson comes complete with:

  • Reading Exercise
  • Reading Comprehension Questions
  • Essential Vocabulary
  • Discussion Questions
  • Debate – Sex in the City
  • I Would Do Anything For Money… an exercise to make students think about what they would do for money
  • Role Play: Sex worker – a role play about a person considering becoming a sex worker
  • Writing Exercise

Start the class with the three opening questions and then do the reading.

Follow that with the reading comprehension questions.

Then you can go through all the vocabulary – or set it as homework for the students to do later.

Then there is a big list of questions that are designed to get your students talking.

After that, you can do all the other exercises in whatever order you wish.

It comes in easy to use PDF format, ideal for printing for your needs. Use it again and again for your English/ESL classes.

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  • a 16-page complete lesson plan in pdf format ready to use in the classroom today

  • Size
    503 KB
  • Length
    16 pages
  • a 16-page complete lesson plan in pdf format ready to use in the classroom today
  • Size503 KB
  • Length16 pages
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The Oldest Profession in The World

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