What's In A Name? — a Talking Points English lesson plan

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What’s In A Name?

a Talking Points Lesson Plan for English Reading & Speaking

This is part of the Talking Points lesson series.

What’s In A Name? – Do names really matter?

Some people really hate the names they were given by their parents…

Why is this so?

Some names seem to be popular for many years. While others go out of style in just a couple of years.

Is it the duty of parents to choose the right name for their children? And how do they do this?

This is a lesson plan all about something very personal to us – our name.

Use this lesson in your class and your students will not stop talking.

The Contents

The lesson comes complete with:

  • introductory questions
  • 500-word article
  • reading comprehension questions
  • table of essential vocabulary
  • questions for discussion
  • what's in a name? - group activity
  • writing exercise

What To Do

Start the class with the three opening questions and then do the reading. Then you can go through all the vocabulary – or set it as homework for the students to do later.

Then there is a big list of questions that are designed to get your students talking.

Easy Of Use

It comes in easy to use PDF format, ideal for printing for your needs. Use it again and again for your English/ESL classes.

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a 15-page English lesson plan ready to use in PDF format

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What's In A Name? — a Talking Points English lesson plan

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